Vision and Mission

All members of the St. John’s School family envision being a child-centered institution of excellence, where the holistic growth of each child is facilitated with special emphasis on moral, spiritual and social values and character building rooted in Indian culture.

Our vision is that children leave school with:

  • A set of moral values — honesty, integrity and good judgement.
  • A complement of basic skills — linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, physical and social
  • An enquiring and discriminating mind and a desire for knowledge
  • Strong self-esteem and high personal expectation
  • Tolerance and respect for others.
  • We value the partnership which exists between school, parents and community and the part it plays in realizing this vision

The St. John’s School strive to effect positive changes in the society by catering to the educational needs of the various strata of the society by stepping beyond the confines of gender, caste, religion and economic status. The school recognizes that each child is an individual; that all children are creative; that all children need to succeed. Therefore the school respects the individual needs of children, fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, intellectual development of each child.

We aim forming individuals who are intellectually competent, morally sound, psychologically whole, imbued with the sense of the divine, committed to the cause of society and nation, will grow to be ethical, respectful, happy and purposeful citizens and ever open to further growth.

To fulfill the mission, the school provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes their full potential. We will inspire the joy of learning by fostering a culture of creativity. We believe that an academic environment suited to discover a child’s natural proclivities, helps him or her evolve into an individual who is well-poised to deal with various challenges of life and become a contributing citizen.

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